How To Purchase

Step 1 : Shopping

  • Add items to your shopping cart.

Step 2 : Checkout

  • Upon checkout, a confirmation of your order and payment details will be emailed to you.

Step 3 : Payment

  • Your items will be reserved for you for 48 hours.
  • Payment has to be made via paypal or funds transfer.
  • Do inform us by email if you want us to send an e-invoice charged to your school.
  • Once, you've done the funds transfer, you may text us at 9792 8088 / email us at 
  • You can say,

"Cak! I've made payment for my order.
Order ID: _____
Name: _____
Transaction Ref No: _____

Step 4 : Shipping

  • Once we have confirmed receipt of your payment, we'll mail out your items via your preferred shipping method. You will be notified via email after your parcel has been mailed.
  • All you gotta do now is wait. Patience is virtue!
That's all!